Fresh Market Review

I stopped by Fresh Market on Sunday. Fresh market was recently opened in the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is an upscale grocery store chain with an old-world vibe which offers local produce, prepared foods, wine & more. It’s located in the same building Nassief supermarket was. Compared to other “Save A Lot” Supermarkets by Fine Foods; Best Price near KFC and Fine Foods wholesale near Astafans, I prefer Fresh Market. I love the automatic entry and exit doors and it’s handicap accessibility. It also has wide aisles, full blown air conditioning which can be too much, good selection of health and beauty items upstairs, etc.

One thing I’ve always loved about “Save A Lot” is that they cash very fast and there are quite a good number of cashing aisles. I also find it easy to locate what to buy and I get almost everything on my grocery list.

P.S: Their price list isn’t that bad.

Below are their opening and closing hours from Monday to Sunday;


Rating; 9/10

I hope you check out FRESH MARKET anytime you’re in Dominica. If you’re in Dominica, feel free to share your thoughts on Fresh market in the comment section. More pictures below (Photo credit: Judith Ofovbe)



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